Resources and Books

My Elements Raw Converter Workflow
My Elements Photo Editing Guide

For Elements 10 (also see tutorials in the Elements 9 section)
Info and tutorials from Adobe
A few freebie tutorials from Photoshop Elements User site
Tutorials from Adobe TV
Using Layers part 1 (youtube) how to use layers for those who are layers challenged
Using Layers part 2
Using Layers part 3
Elements 10 Walkthrough
For Elements 9 and Recent Versions (also see Layers tutorials above)
Free Video Tutorials for Elements 9 from Adobe TV
Read about Elements 9 and download a free trial
Elements tutorials - quite a few! For 8 and 9 versions
Videos showing new features in E9 (links for older versions also on page)
youtube videos shows new features E8 - more more videos from scrappersguide listed on right
Elements Techniques Website features subscriptions to site and magazine
A few free Elements video tutorials at for several versions
Expolre Elements 9
Better Black and White images in Elements
How to use Color Curves to adjust your image in Elements
Essential Photoshop Elements A nice collection of tutorials including videos
Convert to black and white with selected color
How to crop an image
Spot Healing Brush
Adjust Hue and Saturation
Smart Brushes and the Actions Player tutorial
Contrast - Working with Adjustment Layers
Working with Photomerge
Quick Fix tutorial free pdf from book
Using Levels and Histograms in Photoshop or Elements (they both work the same)
Working with Adjustment Layers in Elements
Create the perfect group shot by merging photos!
Merge 2 layers with a layer mask
Several tutorials
Add Canvas size to an image
Retouching facial features step by step
Elements Resources at
How to Resize Images and Change Resolution
Free and commercial 3rd party plugins (filters) for Photoshop and Elements
How to Restore and Retouch Old Photos (PDF -- print or save)

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