Judy's Digital Photography Class Resources

Information and resources for buying digital cameras and lenses,
D-SLR photography, photography tips and techniques and photo processing
with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom

The first section below contains my own pages with good information for digital photography, SLR photography, HDR photography and resources for photo processing.

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Judy's Resource Pages

Great Books on Digital Photography

Photography Resources

Photography Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
Taking Great Pictures good how-to tips from Kodak
Learn How to Take Photographs
Covers all types of photography and photo editing - photo.net
Photography Tips/Techniques
Take Graeat Photos Tips, techniques, camera news and reviews, etc.
Rule of Thirds
Excellent Exposure tutorial pdf light, shutter speed, aperture explained
Photo Composition web site lots of articles!
Chuck Gardner's Photo Class Very good!
Chuck Gardner's tutorial on how to shoot portraits/groups
How to shoot in sunlight
Many good articles from Megapixel.net on exposure, white balance, ISO, using a histogram, etc
Article on Exposure Lock from Digital Focus
Understanding Histograms
Understanding White Balance
Understanding Sharpness

For Digital SLR owners (see also some of the above)
Buying a Digital SLR Considerations, tips and recommendations!
Understanding Lenses and Focal Lengths
for DSLR owners
More on Understanding Types of Lenses
by Phillip Greenspun
Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field and ISO Illustrated with charts!
Choose Aperture and Shutter Speed! Try it! Good way to learn how they interact
Canon EOS Digital Learning Center
Macro Photography with Canon Lenses
Using Canon Image Stabilizer lenses
Canon Digital SLR Photography from Canon- nice course for beginners!
Canon Canada Digital Photo Centre Tips and techniques for photography and photo editing

SLR Gear Lens tests and reviews and other gear such as tripod heads, etc.

Understanding Digital SLR Lens Specs great for beginners to understand lens terminology

How to Use a Monopod
Photo Backup Tips and Tricks

FREE Image Viewers
FastStone Image Viewer A nice viewer - works with Raw images too
Zoner Photo Studio for managing, editing, and sharing pictures
- shows Raw images

Photo Editing - Photoshop Elements 10

The consumer-priced photo editor of choice for digital photographers is Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's what I teach and recommend. Find out about Elements features and requirements and purchase Elements here. I have many Elements tutorials listed also.

Adobe and Photo-editing Resources

Adobe Photoshop How-To Resources (many work with Elements too)
Adobe Photoshop Elements How-To Resources
About Graphics Software resources, tutorials, & tips for photo editing and graphics software
Free and commercial 3rd party plugins for Photoshop and Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (Win/Mac)
Best Free photo-editing and image-viewing software

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